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The tail light tabs are brazed  onto the seat tube just above a reinforced 1/4"  hole for the tail light's wire.

Dynamo Lighting

| Framebuilding

If a bike is going to live with me, it’s not going to be a toy. I want my bikes to be practical, reliable, safe, and fun. Adding dynamo lights on my bike accomplishes all of these goals. So when I designed my new frame I wanted to integrate my dynamo lights as much as possible.

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Our Trips

About us

Long ago, back in the year twenty aught seven, back when the Internet was a place of mystery and intrigue, this website was born to chronicle the celebration of love. Carrie and I (Nick) decided to spend our honeymoon bicycling around New Zealand for three months.

Although we had little bicycle touring experience, we made up for it in naiveté and ignorance. How hard could riding a bike for hours each day, every day be? We are in love. Love will temper the headwinds. It will soothe our saddle sores. Love will protect us from distracted drivers, like a celestial beacon. And we were right. Cycling around New Zealand wasn’t hard at all. In fact, it was so much fun that we’re now constantly scheming new trips by bicycle.

From the deserted moonscapes of Iceland to the lush Redwood forests of the Santa Cruz mountains, we’ve enjoyed beautiful glimpses of the world on our bikes, and we don’t aim to stop. We love it. So pull up a couch and feel free to read our stories. May they inspire you take a ride, to take off, to go south, to love life.

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